10 Best Guns

How To Decide What Is Best for You In Your Home Defense Environment

Talk about a touchy subject!

Selecting the 10 best guns for home defense is a bit like arguing Chevy versus Ford …personal opinions will abound.

Admittedly, there is no way to truly select the 10 best anything, as personal experience and skill level will always be deciding factors in any gear selection, whether is it guns, cars, boats, holsters or backpacks. This is the way it should be.


Home Defense

Understanding tactics is just as important as the gun you select. Using cover and concealment can save your life.

What I am going to do is give you my 10 best guns and my reasons for same. I’m not trying to change minds, but in the event you are in the market for a home defense firearm and undecided, maybe something I say will help you come to a decision on how to proceed. The following are in no particular order.

Why? Because you must decide what will work best for you in your home and surrounding environment. Choose wisely.


The Coach Gun is simple, powerful and effective and that is why it is listed here.

Two rounds of powerful 12-gauge buckshot in a short, easy-to-manipulate weapon. A favorite of stagecoach drivers due to its effectiveness, this same simple manual of arms makes it a good choice for homeowners.

It’s hard to argue that 12-gauge ammo is not a good choice for interpersonal conflict considering the wide variety of loads available. Federal, Winchester and Hornady all manufacture reduced recoil 12-gauge ammo that is perfect for this gun, but if you want something more substantial, hollow point slugs, designed specifically for personal security applications, are also available. If you are not sure which load would be best, place one in each of the two barrel and if 12-gauge is too much, a 20-gauge version is available.

The learning curve for the Coach Gun is minimal as all that is required to load and fire is to break open the action, insert two rounds, close and press the trigger.

Stoeger makes a Coach Gun specifically for home defense named, appropriately, the Double Defense. This side-by-side shotgun is a straightforward home defense package ideal for use in tight quarters and tense situations. For all the details, see the sidebar below.

The Benefits of Each Recommended Gun


• Simple

• Powerful

• Effective

• Two rounds of powerful 12-gauge buckshot in a short, easy-to-manipulate weapon.


Design is just about foolproof

• Proven over many decades of police service

• Available in multiple calibers

• A wide variety of after-market grips can also be purchased, allowing this gun to be truly fit to the individual user.

• Plenty accurate and can be reasonably powerful




home defense gun

This is the author’s home defense gun, a Glock 19 with a grip reduction and 17-round magazine, J P Enterprises J Point red dot sight and a Surefire X300 weapon light.

• Available in a variety of calibers and sizes

• The choice of American law enforcement officers and agencies.

• The safe-action trigger system is easy to shoot

• Wide variety of accessories are available

THE 1911

• Short trigger makes is easy to shoot

• Features a large selection of sights, grips and other accessories so you can custom tailor it to your specific needs.


• America’s most popular pump action shotgun

• Simple to use, robust in design and available in a wide variety of configurations

• Simplicity is its greatest attribute.

• Various barrel length and configurations, stocks, lights, sights, lasers and other accessories are readily available.


• Excellent choice for the person who has a lot of land.

• Sixteen-inch barrel versions of the AR are available from a growing number of manufacturers so finding one with just the right accessories or in a particular price range is not a problem.

• A powerful, proven platform that can be equipped based on individual needs



• Same advantages listed for the S & W J-frame can be applied to this

• Polymer frame keeps the weight low

• Easy to shoot



• An option for those who prefer not to use deadly force

• A mainstay in American law enforcement

• Offers a 15-foot buffer zone that is not much different from what is expected if a gun is used.


• The most popular revolver in America.

• Reliable, effective, simple

• Will hit multiple areas of the body with a well-placed shot



• The best-selling firearm for many years

• While the .22 is not exactly a fight stopper, vital organs do not know the difference between a 20 and 40 caliber projectile as it passes through.

NOTE: This excerpt is from the first issue of Home Defender

Story and photos by Dave Spaulding

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