A Fighting Chance

Crimson Trace Laserguards Keep You in the Fight … and Why You Should Consider One


defence position

Stay in the fight with a tactical laser, even when you’re flat on your back and can’t use the sights.

I watched the quivering red dot bounce across the bowling pin, then the backstop, then back on the bowling pin.

I pulled the trigger, timing my shot at that point when its jittery figure eight was due back on center mass, and cleared the final pin from the table. My time was slightly slower than when I instinct shoot without the aid of a laser, or any sight at all (I look right through the metallic sights and trust my subconscious mind to align them for me before authorizing my brain to shoot)…but it was my first time using Crimson Trace’s famous LaserGrips. I enjoyed the laser, but hadn’t gotten used to it yet.

That was years ago on a borrowed gun. There are good reasons to put a tactical laser on your carry gun, but like many carry guns, my Glock 27 doesn’t have removable grips or an accessory rail beneath its dust cover. That meant that my options for adding a laser were limited to a replacement guide rod with an integral laser, or a new rear sight with an integral laser, neither of which particularly interested me.

Then I acquired a Crimson Trace LG-436 laser designed for third generation Glocks in the carry and duty sizes. The laser unit bolts over the trigger guard, puts an intuitively activated button under my middle finger, and projects a beam bright enough I could clearly see it on my neighbor’s distant shed even though I projected the beam through a double paned window at high noon on a bright, sunny day.

That got my attention. (Though thankfully, not my neighbor’s.)

Suddenly presented with an attractive laser option, I had to review my tactical training to see if lasers have a place in my life…and if so, just how well the Crimson Trace units would work.



I’m young, my eyes are sharp, my reflexes are great, my targets don’t fire back, and I go shooting on bright, beautiful afternoons. Everything usually goes my way at the range. This is not where a Crimson Trace laser comes in particularly handy, nor where its real merit shows.

Flat on my back in the dirt, firing weak-handed-only across my body in an exceedingly awkward position in the early dark of a winter evening…now that’s where tactical lasers are indispensible. I don’t enjoy that kind of shooting, but do it because it creates a very logical worst-case-scenario for defending myself: I’ve been knocked down, my attackers are still coming at me, and my dominant hand has been injured beyond use. That’s just about as bad as it gets without becoming fanciful…so to round my training, and my students’ training, it’s a standard drill. The value of a laser becomes very apparent here.

Tactical lasers provide a very simple function: they project a bright dot (red, in many cases) where your bullet will strike. The application of this service is nothing short of amazing. In the drill previously described, that dot shows me exactly where the round will strike without me needing to use the sights…which is crucial when I can’t see them because of the darkness, an awkward body position, or when tunnel vision excludes everything but my attacker. When my red dot appears on his center mass, I know to pull the trigger. Easy.

Contact Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace Corporation
9780 SW Freeman Dr.
Wilsonville, OR 97070 USA
(800) 442 – 2406
[email protected]

Crimson Trace – Batteries for Life

I have several blister packs of watch-style batteries for my red dot sights…but I’m not worried about hording batteries for these Laserguards. Crimson Trace has a program on now where registering your new laser for warranty purposes pays off with a free battery specifically for that laser, mailed right to you, every year. For life. That’s pretty cool.

Lasers for Many Guns

Crimson Trace makes the fantastic Rail Master for virtually any handgun, rifle, or shotgun that has RIS rails; they make the Laserguards we tested, as well as LaserGrips for 1911s and other pistols with removable grips, and LaserGrips for revolvers as well. Whether for concealed carry, for target shooters who want to compensate for eyes of advancing age, or for use on arms in combat theatres, Crimson Trace most likely has a model for your gun. Check one out and see if a laser is for you.


Story & Photos by Dave Norman



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