A Glock for All Seasons

Building a 5-Caliber Super Glock!


I’m not a Glock guy. But when a custom 1911 project introduced me to the 9×25 Dillon cartridge, and I found that Lone Wolf could bring that caliber into my life along with several others via a dingle Glock platform, I had to look into the Glock’s multi-caliber potential.

I’m glad I did.

This project caused us to cross paths with Lone Wolf Distributors, who specialize in all things Glock, and also have been instrumental in getting the 9x25mm Dillon out to the public.

Proprietor J.R. Shepard was kind enough to sell us one of their custom 9x25mm Dillon reamers for our project, so when I bought my first Glock I thought of them again, as it sounded like it might be fun to also have a long-slide Glock to go with the 1911…and of course I still had the .50 GI conversion.

Working with Luke Johnson, the Dealer Sales Manager, was a breeze, and we soon had a plan in place for a simple long slide in 9x25mm Dillion. I was to contact Truglo Sights and have a set sent over and that would be that. The Truglos are the only three-dot sight I like because the three dots line up when the sight body itself is properly aligned.



The slide itself has all the handling edges beveled and smoothed, and then of course, there is the engraving.

Starting at the muzzle, there are neat flames running a good ways back on the slide, and these are matched on the barrels where they show through the cut-out. Incredibly, they match with the slide locked open or in battery.

On top, behind the ejection port, is a US Marine Corps Eagle, Globe & Anchor, and my name is tastefully engraved on the ejection port side. The Lone Wolf logo adorns the barrel hood exposure and the back corners of the slide, and a graphic of The Punisher graces the slide dust cover at the rear.

It turns out that Truglo had sent two sets of sights, so they installed them, fitted the barrels, and then engraved just my name on the slide. (I am considering putting this gun on my carry permit, and if ever needed, I certainly wouldn’t want some DA holding up a pistol with flames and other embellishments in court!)

As before, Mike at Double Tap sent out a selection of .357SIG and .40sw loads. I’ve not chronographed these, but the Double Tap stuff is usually pretty snappy, while still being consistent and delivering top accuracy.

Now my 5-way Glock is one of the gems in a rather large collection. The only thing missing is a .22 rimfire conversion, and I haven’t even poked my head out from under my rock to look for one, because then I’ll just have to own one and make this set into a Glock-x-6!


Story & Photos By Paul Hantke

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