Ruger’s LC9 is ideal for deep concealment, and it’s especially suited for carry under light clothing during the ‘dog days’ of summer

Consider these numbers.

It’s 6 inches long, 4.5 inches high and .9 inches wide. Thus, the LC9 is slightly shorter than a .38 subnose and 33 percent thinner.

Stay with me.

When compared to a lightweight, 2-inch .38 snubbie, the LC9 is a bit heavier, but it has 60 percent greater firepower. It weighs just about 21 ounces when loaded with eight rounds of 9mm standard-pressure or +P ammunition, while an airweight .38 snubbie weighs a little less than 17 ounces when loaded with five rounds. That’s not much extra weight for three additional rounds.

So, now that we’ve established its concealability, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of its construction, as well as its performance—in terms of accuracy and reliability—when tested in a tactical setting.


The LC9’s steel slide and polymer frame are nicely radiused. Ruger made a good effort to reduce the number of sharp edges that could cause the pistol to print through clothing or wear holes in pockets. This reduction in edges gives the pistol a “melted appearance” that is usually found on guns costing much more.

NOTE: This excerpt is from a recent issue of Gun World magazine.

Story and photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper

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