Ruger’s lightweight SR22 is well-suited for backpacking, tactical practice, personal defense and good, old-fashioned plinking

Looking for versatility?

Ruger’s 11-round, double-action SR22 semi-auto is designed to fire any factory .22 L.R. cartridge that is manufactured to SAAMI standards. This includes high-velocity hollowpoints, such as CCI Mini-Mags, and hyper-velocity loads, such as Remington Yellow Jackets and CCI Stingers.

The author used an MTM Front Rifle Rest and a Leupold Kenai spotting scope for bench testing six loads in the SR22. The average for all six loads was 2.59 inches at 15 yardsThe SR22’s convenient size also adds to its versatility. It is 6.4 inches long, 4.9 inches high and 1.29 inches wide, making it equally at home in an IWB or open-carry holster. And its 17.5-ounce weight also makes it easy to carry. Ruger kept the weight down by using a frame constructed of glass-filled, matte-black nylon polymer and a black-anodized slide made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.



The SR22’s light weight makes it comfortable, but the special features of this pistol are what separate the SR22 from other midsize .22-caliber handguns. For starters, it offers owners of centerfire double-action semi-autos an inexpensive alternative for tactical practice, because it operates much like those centerfires that have frame-mounted decockers. Twenty-two rimfire ammo costs as little as $.03 per round, and the cheapest I can buy 9mm ball is about $.25 a round. The cost goes up about $.34 a round for .40 S&W hardball, and .45 ACP ball cartridges are currently going for a little over $.40 each. Running drills with the SR22 is an inexpensive way to maintain skills and build new ones. It also reduces wear and tear on more expensive centerfire guns.


Story and photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper





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