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Dr. Martin D. TopperAMMO & ACCESSORIES
Dr. Martin D. Topper

Topper worked for 10 years in federal law enforcement, where his work involved many areas, including firearms and tactical training. Currently, he consults with law enforcement agencies and lectures on the psychology of unconscious competence and the mechanisms of terminal ballistics.

Jerry Ahern

Ahern is one of the leading experts on concealed weapons and the author of three books on concealed-carry techniques and equipment. He has lectured extensively on the subject, and is an experienced holster designer. He has been carrying concealed since the 1960s and writing about concealment since the 1970s.

Dave Workman

Workman is an award-winning outdoors writer and journalist, author of several books and an accomplished outdoorsman. He is a native of the Pacific Northwest, a certified firearms instructor, hiker, hunter and devoted handgunner.

Richard FolslandHUNTING RIFLES
Richard Folsland

Folsland is a two-state pistol champion and has been an avid big-game and varmint hunter since the 1970s. He currently teaches rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting techniques to new and young shooters. Folsland penned GW’s “Reloading” department for 13 years and now writes the new “Today’s Hunter” department.

Dave Spaulding

Spaulding is a 36-year law enforcement veteran with experience in patrol, investigations, training, SWAT and undercover ops. He was named the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Yearby ILEETA and /Law Officer Magazine/ and currently teaches training courses that focus on the “combative application” of the handgun.

Leroy Thompson

Thompson has trained military and law enforcement hostage rescue units and close-protection teams. He has written various books on these subjects, including /The Hostage Rescue Manual/ and /The Counterterrorist Manual/.

Jameson Parker

Parker was a working actor for over a quarter century and is best known for his starring role as “A.J.” in Simon & Simon. He is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, /An Accidental Cowboy/. He loves fine guns and considers the handmade side-action shotgun the most perfect tool ever created.

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  • The edge of the palm is positioned against the cocking handle to keep it to the rear while the thumb is pushing the eight-round clip into the magazine of the Garand. Once the thumb is pulled clear of the bolt’s path, the hand may be pulled away from the bolt allowing it to go forward chambering the first round.
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