• Ruger's Mark III 22/45 Lite target pistol has a Zytel polymer frame and aluminum upper receiver housing which make it likely the lightest .22 single-action target pistol currently available.
  • Shoot All Day

    Ruger’s 22/45 Lite .22 LR…With Competition Accuracy!   Pistol weight has been a problem for many handgun hunters and target shooters. All-steel target pistols often have heavy barrels that reduce vibration. This promotes accuracy by limiting variation in the exact … Continue reading »

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  • Thoughts On Cover & Concealment

    What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You…Or Worse We read and hear a lot about cover and concealment these days, but how do the concepts play out in real life? Are they interchangeable? If you are in the law enforcement … Continue reading »

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  • Scattergun Coyotes

    Tips and Tactics add Excitement and Results to the Hunt My interest in hunting coyotes with a shotgun was given a significant boost when I attended the annual Varmint Hunters Association Jamboree in Pierre, South Dakota, and had the opportunity … Continue reading »

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  • Cut Down the Odds

    Rain, snow, perspiration…there are many reasons why a handgun could slip from your grip. One strategy to cut down the odds of that happening, is by adding an aftermarket rubber grip. Over the years, I have replaced factory grips on … Continue reading »