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  • The Tactical Stake Target

    My least favorite thing about shooting rifles is walking 100, 200, or 300 yards several times to change paper targets or to reset steel targets. The best option, in my mind, has always been an automatically resetting steel target. You … Continue reading »

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  • Close to the Vest

    The Kelly Vest from Kakadu Traders, an Australia-based company, is one tough garment with a nasty surprise for someone looking to pick on an “easy mark.” This is a concealed carry vest with hidden pockets on both sides in the … Continue reading »

  • Photo by US Army

    A large number of M14s remained in arsenals and have been available for issue. Remember that the M14 was only the standard issue rifle from 1959-1970, and was only produced from 1959-1964. Nevertheless, about 1.5 million were manufactured. It should … Continue reading »

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  • Turkey hunting

    When turkey hunting began to reestablish itself as a popular sport, the hunting gear manufacturers rose to the occasion with all sorts of unique and fancy things to entice hunters. But while many of these items would be nice to … Continue reading »

  • This compact laser is designed for under-rail pistol work, but will interface with virtually any M1913/Picatinny rails. Photo by Crimson Trace
  • A Shot in the Dark

    Crimson Trace’s Universal “Rail Master” Lasers have earned a loyal following as tactical aiming solutions, and are now in wide use among Special Forces troops, combat deployed personnel, tactical law enforcement units…and have earned acceptance as dynamic tools for use … Continue reading »