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  • A Glock for All Seasons

    Building a 5-Caliber Super Glock! I’m not a Glock guy. But when a custom 1911 project introduced me to the 9×25 Dillon cartridge, and I found that Lone Wolf could bring that caliber into my life along with several others … Continue reading »

  • Stay in the fight with a tactical laser, even when you're flat on your back and can't use the sights.
  • A Fighting Chance

    Crimson Trace Laserguards Keep You in the Fight … and Why You Should Consider One   I watched the quivering red dot bounce across the bowling pin, then the backstop, then back on the bowling pin. I pulled the trigger, … Continue reading »

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  • Benelli’s Ultra Light 28 Gauge

    Wingshooting with a Fine Bird Gun To really experience the wilderness of Utah’s San Rafael County you have to get off the beaten path. From the road the landscape looks rather barren, a parched sagebrush sea, the vast high plains … Continue reading »

  • Understanding tactics is just as important as the gun you select. Using cover and concealment can save your life.
  • 10 Best Guns

    How To Decide What Is Best for You In Your Home Defense Environment Talk about a touchy subject! Selecting the 10 best guns for home defense is a bit like arguing Chevy versus Ford …personal opinions will abound. Admittedly, there … Continue reading »

  • That full lug vent-rib barrel is thick and all steel, and helps a handgunner take steady aim on any target. Photo by Taurus

    Taurus’ Hefty Tracker Rimfire Puts Both .22lr and .22wmr Rounds on Target! This is one impressive handful. The Taurus Tracker weighs in at a hefty 55 ounces with a 6.5-inch full lug, vent rib barrel and chambered for .22 Long … Continue reading »

  • Hornady’s .308 Win. Superformance ammo with the 150-grain GMX bullet produced an average muzzle velocity of 2,960 fps. This load’s 2,917 ft/lbs of muzzle energy makes it the most powerful .308 Win. load that Dr. Topper has ever used.

    Q. I have a .308 Win. Remington 700 rifle I would like to take elk hunting. I’m thinking about using Hornady’s Superformance GMX ammo. The factory loads both the 150-grain and 165-grain GMX bullet in this caliber. Which one would … Continue reading »