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  • Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

    The editors of Gun World started our Christmas wish list right after the 2012 SHOT Show in January, and we’ve been adding to it ever since. The idea was to include things in this year’s gift guide that we’d want … Continue reading »

  • The author lives in a very rural area. The good news is that this means little crime. The bad news is, it means the best he can hope for from the closest sheriff's substation, if all conditions are perfect, is a 10-minute-plus response time.

    Take the necessary measures to fortify your home and defend your loved ones. I am a crime victim; a survivor. I survived an attempted murder. I survived two bullets, one close to my heart. The man who shot me is … Continue reading »

  • The author lines up a shot using tripod shooting sticks. Tripod sticks produced better accuracy than monopod sticks on this combination hog/gator hunt in central Florida.

    The ATI-modified VEPR brings home the bacon Think Russians and Americans can’t cooperate? Think again.   A new version of the VEPR semi-auto rifle that combines the best in both Russian and American technology will be available in January 2013. … Continue reading »

  • The Wilson Combat CQB Lightrail Lightweight, shown with a Lawman Leather S.T.U. holster, offers a customizable, light 1911 for everyday carry.

    Wilson Combat’s CQB Lightrail Lightweight offers a multitude of options. When I visited Wilson Combat a few months ago, I really had no plans to order a pistol. But when I was there surrounded by all those great pistols and, … Continue reading »

  • The author used an MTM K-Zone shooting rest and a Leupold Kenai spotting scope to test the Super Varmint. The K-Zone is especially designed to fit AR-type rifles, and the Kenai spotting scope gives a very clear view of hits on targets out to 300 meters.

    Baer’s Super Varmint scoped with Nightforce’s 3.5-15×50 NXS offers shooters a long-range precision shooting unit   Our mission was to give one lucky /Gun World/ reader a very high-end prize, so we selected a high-end rifle/scope combo, put it to … Continue reading »

  • It is a good idea to give the rifle’s bore a good scrubbing with solvent at the end of hunting season. If you forget, be sure to clean it prior to the next hunt. After cleaning, fire two rounds to season the bore before sighting-in.

    Are Your Rifle and Equipment Ready for the Hunt? If you have been around the hunting game for very long, you have probably heard many horror stories about how equipment has failed at the worst possible time. Some lazy hunters … Continue reading »