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  • Four Requirements for Hunting Handguns

    Check out these expert tips and learn about necessary requirements for handguns. Four requirements for hunting handguns: Keep in mind, all handguns must meet these four basic requirements to reach their full potential as hunting arms: 1.   Sights must … Continue reading »

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  • 5 Tips for Handgun Hunting Prep

    Take a look at these expert tips for handgun hunting. Make sure you’re prepared!     Define your needs carefully.   Keep your choice of weapon type, caliber and ammunition simple and focused on the kind of game you’ll be … Continue reading »

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  • Field Testing the Colt Defender

    In a recent feature, we gave you an exclusive look at the recently-upgraded Colt Defender plus our top choices for ammunition. Now we bring you the final part of this segment and show you what we discovered when field-testing the … Continue reading »

  • The five loads tested (L-R):  CorBon Pow'RBall, CorBon DPX, Winchester FMJ SWC Target, Federal Hydra-Shok, Winchester FMJ Ball, Winchester PDX1.
  • Ammunition Choices for the Colt Defender

    In a recent post, we brought you an exclusive feature on the recently-upgraded Colt Defender. Now take a look at what ammunition choices we’d make for this gun:     I generally prefer the high velocity .36s (9mm, .38 Super, .357s) … Continue reading »