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  • New Gun World Magazine Gear!

    Hello Fans! We now have a number of Gun World Magazine accessories and apparel available here. T-shirts, Wallets, Flasks, Mugs and more!

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  • Thoughts On Cover & Concealment

    What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You…Or Worse We read and hear a lot about cover and concealment these days, but how do the concepts play out in real life? Are they interchangeable? If you are in the law enforcement … Continue reading »

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  • Cut Down the Odds

    Rain, snow, perspiration…there are many reasons why a handgun could slip from your grip. One strategy to cut down the odds of that happening, is by adding an aftermarket rubber grip. Over the years, I have replaced factory grips on … Continue reading »

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  • The Tactical Stake Target

    My least favorite thing about shooting rifles is walking 100, 200, or 300 yards several times to change paper targets or to reset steel targets. The best option, in my mind, has always been an automatically resetting steel target. You … Continue reading »