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  • Close to the Vest

    The Kelly Vest from Kakadu Traders, an Australia-based company, is one tough garment with a nasty surprise for someone looking to pick on an “easy mark.” This is a concealed carry vest with hidden pockets on both sides in the … Continue reading »

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  • Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

    The editors of Gun World started our Christmas wish list right after the 2012 SHOT Show in January, and we’ve been adding to it ever since. The idea was to include things in this year’s gift guide that we’d want … Continue reading »

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    The guns, the holsters, the accessories and the techniques As one gets older—at least as this concerns guns—what is relatively unremarkable, even prosaic, albeit excellent, may actually be what others call a “classic.”     My old pal, Sid Woodcock, … Continue reading »

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    Aimpoint’s new Patrol Rifle Optic offers fast and precise target acquisition Story and photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper   In order to satisfy the three major criteria for law enforcement, an optic must be rugged, fast and precise. Having … Continue reading »

  • The EOLAD combines an EoTech holographic sight with a laser pointer.
  • Optical Supremacy

    Developments in battle rifle optics over the last 50 years have been a real game changer By Leroy Thompson It was not unheard of 50 years ago to have optical sights on assault rifles or battle rifles, but it certainly … Continue reading »

  • The harness arrangement with the K.L. Null USH is secure and comfortable as well as concealable.
  • Upside-Down Holsters

    By Jerry Ahern Photos by Sharon Ahern There are various types of concealment holsters, of course, but one of the most concealable, when worn correctly with the proper handgun, is the upside-down shoulder holster. These days, however, you rarely see … Continue reading »