CZ debuts a modern, no-nonsense stackbarrel that won’t break your back or the bank

CZ’s Upland Ultralight Shotgun

CZ’s Upland Ultralight is a purpose-built shotgun that combines light weight with solid build at a reasonable price.

By Brad Fitzpatrick

Photos by Ben Gettinger

Less is more. If that is true, then CZ has a real winner on its hands with its new Upland Ultralight over-under, a bantamweight field shotgun built with the serious bird hunter in mind.

The Upland doesn’t look to impress with fancy walnut, intricate engraving or gold inlays. Most Upland Ultralights won’t be housed in leather cases with soft velvet lining. Nor will they be tweaked, twisted, modified and customized by hardcore clay shooters. The action is free of embellishments and intricacies and awaits being decorated with mars and scratches gathered over a lifetime of hunting. CZ’s Ultralight is a working gun, plain and simple. If upland shotguns were tools, the Ultralight would be a hammer instead of a paintbrush.

the CZ Upland Ultralight

At about 6 pounds, the CZ Upland Ultralight is built for all-day carry.


Those were my first impressions when my CZ Upland Ultralight arrived for testing. I was also impressed by the fact that the gun was genuinely light. Some lightweight shotguns seem to be light in name only, shaving an ounce or two here and there. Not the Upland Ultralight. As a matter of fact, almost everyone who shot the CZ (and there were a lot of hands on this test gun) made a comment about just how little it weighed. The manufacturer’s specs indicate that a 12-gauge Upland Ultralight with 26-inch barrels weighs in at 6 pounds. Mine was a bit heavier, but not very much.

To read this article in its entirety, pick up a copy of Gun World’s September issue, available on newsstands now.

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