Concealable, and capable of shooting .410 and .45 LC loads, Tauru’sPublic Defender Poly is an excellent choice for personal defense

By Jerry Catania

Taurus Revolver


Stopping power is always a topic of interest among handgunners, and there is no shortage of opinions and theories as to what constitutes the best chance for a one-shot stop. Few, if any, would argue that a revolver that could place three .40-caliber wadcutters and a dozen .18-caliber pellets in a 12-inch circle with each shot would be anything less than a highly effective self-defense weapon. Well, Tauru’s new Public Defender Poly delivers that kind of stopping power.

The Taurus Judge, firing both the .45 Long Colt and the 2.5-inch .410 shotshell, was introduced in 2004 and was an immediate hit with consumers. Originally called a Tracker, the name was changed in 2006 by Bob Morrison, Tauru’s former president and CEO, when he found out that many judges were carrying these versatile revolvers in their courtrooms for personal protection. The Judge remains one of Tauru’s top-selling handguns.


At the 2009 SHOT Show, the smaller and lighter Public Defender model was introduced specifically as a concealed-carry model. Conceived as an anti-carjacking, home-defense and personal-defense weapon, the Public Defender also grabbed the shooting public’s attention. Some of the ultra-light versions of the Public Defender were hard kicking, and Taurus saw the need for a redesign. In 2010 the company accomplished it.


Public Defender Poly

Action- DA revolver

Caliber/s- .45 LC and .410 shotshell

Capacity- 5 shots

Barrel Length- 2.5 inches

Overall Length- 7.65 inches

Weight- 23.5 ounces (empty)

Sights- Windage-adjustable rear, red, fiber-optic front

Grips- Taurus Ribber

Finish- Blue

MSRP- $602


NOTE: The full story is in the May issue.

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