Field Testing the Colt Defender

In a recent feature, we gave you an exclusive look at the recently-upgraded Colt Defender plus our top choices for ammunition. Now we bring you the final part of this segment and show you what we discovered when field-testing the Colt Defender:


Field Testing the Colt Defender

CorBon Pow’RBall, CorBon DPX, Winchester FMJ SWC Target, Federal Hydra-Shok, Winchester FMJ Ball, Winchester PDX1.



I took the Colt Defender to the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, AZ on a windy day for my shooting evaluation. I fired the Defender at five, ten, fifteen, and twenty yards. At five and ten yards, the targets were a “gimme”; as the Defender was easy to shoot, pointed where I looked, and was easy to control; whether using one hand or two. At fifteen and twenty yards, a bit more deliberation (and a two-handed Weaver hold) made the short and light hand-cannon perform well enough so as not to embarrass me.


Recoil and muzzle flip were easily managed. The combination of the Hogue grips and undercut trigger guard providing superb control. Again, functioning and reliability were the “bet your life” kind and made the whole experience a pleasure. There is nothing worse than a new pistol giving a person fits with constant jams and malfunctions.


The Colt Defender is in a class by itself. Suitable for home defense or concealed carry, it is a serious combat handgun; pretty much equal to any full-sized 1911—or any other handgun for that matter.  It is also fun to shoot and is guaranteed to reward the owner with years of shooting reliability.  Best of all, it says COLT right on it.


Chronograph Data


I tried a new and unusual holster (made by Crossbreed Holsters) called the Super Tuck Deluxe. It is advertised as the most comfortable Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster you will ever wear. This claim seems true; at least for me. I don’t normally like IWB carry in the hot climate of AZ, but this one—with its extra wide leather backing and hammer shield—changed my mind a bit.


unusual holster


The Defender virtually disappeared even under a light T-shirt. The holster can be used with the shirt tucked in (hence the name) or un-tucked. The black steel J-clips are practically invisible on a black belt with black pants or shorts. If that’s not enough, Crossbreed offers one of the best life-time warranties in the business as well as an unheard of policy of letting you wear the thing for two weeks with the option of returning it at that time if not completely happy!


Technical Specifications


Story and Photos by Jerry Catania

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