Kahr’s Lightweight P40

Full-size performance in a compact packageLightweight P40 Pistol

Story and Photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper

A few months ago, I saw a compact P40 in S&W caliber in the display case at the Florida Gun Exchange. The clean lines, contrasting stainless steel slide and black polymer frame of this Kahr Arms semi-auto just seemed to say, “Pick me up!”

The sales associate handed me the pistol, and I was immediately impressed by its light weight, the comfort of its grip and its lack of sharp edges. Clearly, this was a compact full-power .40-caliber handgun that would be easy to conceal and carry.

My only question about this pistol concerned how well it would handle the recoil of full-power .40-caliber loads. I’d met Kahr’s director of sales and marketing, Frank Harris, at the SHOT Show some time ago, so I called him and asked if he’d send me a P40 with a stainless steel slide and night sights for evaluation.

Lightweight P40 Pistol The Unique, User-Friendly P40

The P40 is basically an enhanced version of Kahr’s CW40. The main differences between the two guns are that the P40 has a match-grade barrel and a slide with dovetails that fit aftermarket sights. The P40 is also shipped with two factory magazines instead of one.

The P40 I received is the KP4043N version, which has a 3.6-inch barrel and a grip that fully encloses a six-shot magazine. The pistol will also accept an extended seven-shot magazine. With a seven-shot magazine in place, the pistol has a maximum capacity of eight shots, including one round in the chamber.

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