Long-Gun Concealment

‘Hiding’ your gun from game in the field tips the odds in your favor

Story and Photos by Richard Folsland

The word “concealment” is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as “to hide or keep secret.” When it comes to the subject of handgun concealment, you can hardly pick up a gun magazine these days without seeing at least one article pertaining to handgun concealment. With the proliferation of “shall issue” states allowing concealed carry, these articles are of great importance.

However, most gun owners don’t feel the need to have a discussion involving concealment of long guns. By concealment of a long gun, I’m not referring to ways of hiding it under a trench coat, but rather, hiding it from game in the field. The human form walking upright scares game enough as it is without having a firearm add to the problem.


Back in the 1970′s when I was just beginning my career as a hunter, it was stylish to have a fancy-looking rifle or shotgun to show off. In those days, fancy meant bright bluing and a shiny, glossy stock finish. Anything less on a rifle or shotgun was a sure sign that the gun was cheap, or at least inexpensive.

To read this article in its entirety, pick up a copy of Gun World’s September issue, available on newsstands now.


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