• Ruger's Mark III 22/45 Lite target pistol has a Zytel polymer frame and aluminum upper receiver housing which make it likely the lightest .22 single-action target pistol currently available.
  • Shoot All Day

    Ruger’s 22/45 Lite .22 LR…With Competition Accuracy!   Pistol weight has been a problem for many handgun hunters and target shooters. All-steel target pistols often have heavy barrels that reduce vibration. This promotes accuracy by limiting variation in the exact … Continue reading »

  • Photo by US Army

    A large number of M14s remained in arsenals and have been available for issue. Remember that the M14 was only the standard issue rifle from 1959-1970, and was only produced from 1959-1964. Nevertheless, about 1.5 million were manufactured. It should … Continue reading »

  • This compact laser is designed for under-rail pistol work, but will interface with virtually any M1913/Picatinny rails. Photo by Crimson Trace
  • A Shot in the Dark

    Crimson Trace’s Universal “Rail Master” Lasers have earned a loyal following as tactical aiming solutions, and are now in wide use among Special Forces troops, combat deployed personnel, tactical law enforcement units…and have earned acceptance as dynamic tools for use … Continue reading »

  • gw-1304-GLOCK-3
  • A Glock for All Seasons

    Building a 5-Caliber Super Glock! I’m not a Glock guy. But when a custom 1911 project introduced me to the 9×25 Dillon cartridge, and I found that Lone Wolf could bring that caliber into my life along with several others … Continue reading »

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  • Benelli’s Ultra Light 28 Gauge

    Wingshooting with a Fine Bird Gun To really experience the wilderness of Utah’s San Rafael County you have to get off the beaten path. From the road the landscape looks rather barren, a parched sagebrush sea, the vast high plains … Continue reading »