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Tactical WorldBy Steve Quinlan

Let’s Get Tactical

With the new year just around the corner and the latest gun models nearing their debut at the 2012 SHOT Show, the editors of Gun World have been putting in some serious overtime to bring readers the very latest in handguns as well as tactical weapons—even before the 2012 models become available.

Our annual Handgun Buyer’s Guide features more than 250 guns and covers everything from micro compacts to extra-large-frame revolvers and includes images, specs, outstanding features and pricing. It’s back by popular demand and will be available on newsstands November 22.

By the time you read this, Tactical World will be already on the newsstands. This latest undertaking from the staff at Gun World features more than 200 combat weapons to ogle over and includes high-res images, specs, standout features and pricing for each. Tactical World covers sniper rifles, tactical pistols, combat rifles, tactical optics, shotguns and tactical knives.

Also included in this 132-page special issue are features from some of your favorite Gun World field editors, including Leroy Thompson, Dr. Martin D. Topper, John N. Raguso and Dave Spaulding, all experts in tactical weapons, with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and combat training.

Thompson, who has trained military and law enforcement hostage rescue units and has written several books on the subject, authors a piece about the evolution of sniping and sniping rifles since World War II in Tactical World.

Topper, who worked for 10 years in federal law enforcement where his work involved firearms and tactical training, now consults with law-enforcement agencies and lectures on the mechanisms of terminal ballistics. Topper takes us through an in-depth look into the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, a training center with a proven track record for preparing citizens to win gunfights against street criminals.

Raguso’s background involves building, shooting and writing about AR-style weapons since the late 1980s and he enjoys competitive shooting from service rifle matches to pistol carbine matches and three-gun matches. In Tactical World, Raguso reviews Rock River Arms’ LAR-8 semi-auto chambered in .308.

Last and certainly not least, Spaulding, a 36-year law enforcement/security veteran with experience in patrol, investigations, training, SWAT and undercover operations, gives you the straight dope on red-dot and reflex sights for use close-quarter, small-arms combat, currently one of the hottest topics of discussions on the gun message forums.

Tactical World is a must-read for anyone who is serious about arming themselves against an armed aggressor or just interested in seeing what’s available in the world of tactical weaponry—to not only the law-abiding citizens of the U.S., but also to those who defend civilians against bad guys both domestically and abroad.

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