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    Four Knives From Spyderco, the Avid Gun Tool and the STUL Takedown Assist for Glock Pistols for Your Tactical Arsenal REAL AVID GUN TOOL I recently received a neat tool, aptly named the Gun Tool, from the good folks at … Continue reading »

  • The author draws a 1911 from an M-3 shoulder holster. During World War II, these holsters were even found for Colt 1903 Pocket Model .32 medium-frame pistols, such as general officers were issued for carry.

    A great many shoulder holsters are designed for concealment, some only to cover and casually hide the weapon, and others not meant for concealed use at all One of the most popular concealed carries is the shoulder holster. But saying … Continue reading »

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    Ruger’s LC9 is ideal for deep concealment, and it’s especially suited for carry under light clothing during the ‘dog days’ of summer Consider these numbers. It’s 6 inches long, 4.5 inches high and .9 inches wide. Thus, the LC9 is … Continue reading »

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    Aimpoint’s new Patrol Rifle Optic offers fast and precise target acquisition Story and photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper   In order to satisfy the three major criteria for law enforcement, an optic must be rugged, fast and precise. Having … Continue reading »

  • A quintessential carry piece such as this Smith & Wesson Model 60 is still a good choice when loaded with appropriate ammunition such as the Winchester Silvertip.
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    The General Trend Is Toward Lighter Bullets, Which Means Higher Velocity and Greater Expansion By James E. House It has been stated that there are three types of people: sheep, sheep dogs, and wolves. The wolves prey on the sheep … Continue reading »

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    Concealable, and capable of shooting .410 and .45 LC loads, Tauru’sPublic Defender Poly is an excellent choice for personal defense By Jerry Catania Stopping power is always a topic of interest among handgunners, and there is no shortage of opinions … Continue reading »