Cut Down the Odds

Rain, snow, perspiration…there are many reasons why a handgun could slip from your grip. One strategy to cut down the odds of that happening, is by adding an aftermarket rubber grip. Over the years, I have replaced factory grips on various pistols and revolvers with Pachmayr grips. There are many handguns that come from the factory with Pachmayrs already installed, and there is a reason for that. They not only look good, they do what they are supposed to do.

Almost immediately after purchasing a 2 ½-inch Model 19 Smith & Wesson with a round butt (about 30 years ago), the very first thing I did was to add a set of Pachmayr grips. Not only did they improve my ability to hold that .357 Magnum revolver by adding grip surface to fill my hand, they helped tame the recoil a bit. This little double-action sixgun has become my primary trail gun because it is compact, all steel, and fires a round that really packs a wallop!

Likewise, for many years—until I became eccentric—my Ruger Blackhawk and Smith & Wesson Model 57, both chambered for the potent .41 Magnum cartridge, wore Pachmayr grips. While the .357 Magnum in a 2 ½-inch revolver has stout recoil, the .41 Magnum with full-house handloads for hunting, is a boomer that can hammer anybody’s hand after a long range session.

Granted, the .41 Magnum is not nearly as brutal as a .44 Magnum or something more powerful…but that recoil adds up at the range. I prefer the .41 Magnum because its recoil is, by many estimates, about 20 percent less on average—depending upon the load, of course—than the .44 Magnum. My 6 ½ inch Blackhawk wore Pachmayrs when I shot a mule deer buck many years ago high in the Central Washington Cascades.

Recently, I added a set of Pachmayrs to my vintage Colt Diamondback, primarily because I noticed that they just fit my hand better than the hardwood factory grips. It wasn’t big news, but it was a welcome discovery.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the advantage of having Pachmayr grips installed during the fall, winter and spring is self-evident. They’re impervious to the weather, so it can rain and snow all day and night and the Pachmayrs will come through with flying colors…and without your gun flying out of your hand.

Another thing with Pachmayrs: they don’t suffer nicks or scratches in typical hard use that would chip or scratch wood or polymer grips. They’re tough for concealed carry, and every day use!

Story & Photo By Dave Workman

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