CZ’s Urban Counter Sniper Rifle-Range Test

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CZ’s Urban Counter Sniper Rifle Combines Outstanding Accuracy with Compact Size.

Story & Photos by Brad Fitzgerald

Urban Counter Sniper Rifle


As impressive as the UCS is mechanically, the real fun came at the shooting range.

I mounted a Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9×40 scope on the UCS, and the AccuPoint’s illuminated green dot made it easy to sight on the target in any light (Editor’s note: see Brad’s Trijicon review on Page 86 of this issue). I used factory ammo, and for this test I chose Hornady’s 155-grain A-Max Match ammo. With the rifle bore sighted I began the test, firing three-shot groups at 100 yards. Since CZ claims that this is a rifle capable of superb accuracy I tested the rifle with and without letting the barrel cool between shots. The results were superb, and the resulting accuracy numbers were just what you’d hope for with a rifle that promised so much and that had such an impressive resume.

Rifle 16 inch barrel

The Surefire muzzle brake and suppressor adaptor is mounted at the end of the short, stiff, 16 inch barrel. The brake worked extremely well, and despite a short overall length the rifle proved to be extremely accurate.

The first group was right at .6-inches at 100 yards, and the average of 5 three-shot groups with a cold barrel was .73-inches. At one point I fired all ten rounds of the A-Max ammo in the larger magazine into a single group at 100 yards and the resulting cluster measured 1.3-inches. By most standards, a 1.3-inch three-shot group is good, but a 10-shot group is superb, especially with factory ammo. This ranks the UCS as one of the most accurate factory rifles I’ve ever shot, which it should be based on CZ’s claims. However, the company delivered in this case, and the UCS is a purpose-built rifle that serves its purpose well. The Surefire brake helped control muzzle rise and felt recoil, and the hefty UCS provided a secure platform for shooting with a short overall length that made it great to carry.

Notice the oversized bolt handle, perfect for rapid cycling

The Urban Counter Sniper is based upon CZ’s durable controlled-round feed 550 action, and the bolt runs smoothly. Notice the oversized bolt handle, perfect for rapid cycling.

The UCS is not inexpensive, but it’s very good, and like so many of its relatives in the CZ lineup, it turns heads with its looks and impresses with its capabilities. If you’re looking for a compact rifle that spares nothing in the way of accuracy for short overall length, the Urban Counter Sniper needs to be on your short list.




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