Expert Advice: Spring vs. Fall Turkey Calls

A Gun World reader recently wrote in to ask about different turkey calls to use during the spring and fall season, and how to better tailor them for the right season. Find out what the experts had to say!


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Question:  I like to hunt both in the spring and the fall for turkeys, but I consistently have difficulty getting the gobblers to come to the call in the fall season. How should I adapt the call I’m using right now in the spring season, to call in those late season birds later? —Roy B., Sweetwater, TX


Thomas Tabor Answers: That is a great question and one that many turkey hunters wonder about, and right now is the time to ask it! (Not when you’re afield this fall—then it’s too late!) The only time of the year that gobblers have any interest in female companionship is during the spring breeding season, which is why the calls work now. During the other times of the year the gobblers are only somewhat inclined to be a part of any flock, and even then those flocks will typically consist of only males. If you want to call turkeys in the fall season you will have to learn to sound like another gobbler.


Using the springtime hen yelps, cuts, or cackler calls, will generally not entice a gobbler to come closer. Instead, during the fall hunting season, you should try to mimic the sounds of the males by producing low clucks, gobbler yelps, fighting purrs, or male gobble. Other than that your fall hunting may have to be along the lines of a spot and stalk routine. But enjoy calling them in with the female calls this spring season…while you can!


The Expert:

Thomas Tabor is Gun World’s resident hunting expert, and routinely goes afield in pursuit of turkeys, large game and good stories. He was last seen slipping into the woods on a spring turkey hunting adventure.

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