• Combat swimmer units found the MP5 very effective in the Maritime Anti-Terrorism role.  Shown is a member of FORMOZA, the Polish Naval Special Forces unit. This operator’s MP5 has collapsible stock, EOTech optical sight and an undergun white light illuminator. (Marynarka Wojenna)
  • Discover the History of the Submachine Gun

    Automatic Success: A Tactical Employment History of the Submachine Gun by Leroy Thompson Ever since German Storm Troopers first deployed the Bergmann MP-18 for trench raiding in the waning days of World War I, the submachine gun (SMG) has continued … Continue reading »

  • GW-1311-BACK-04
  • Flashback Friday-November 2008

    In his cover review and test of SIG Sauer’s P250 in November of 2008, author Stan Trzoniec called it “A pistol for all seasons.”

  • This SCCY CPX-2 pistol has a manual safety.  The safety was positive in its function and operated very smoothly.
  • SCCY’s the Limit

      SCCY’s the Limit The CPX Offers Desirable Features in an American Made, Economy-Priced 9mm   Telling someone they can get an American-made double-stack 9mm semi-auto for $299 is like offering to sell oceanfront property in Nebraska. People will seriously … Continue reading »

  • With bipod in place, the CZ Urban Counter Sniper is ready for action. This is a gun for dedicated long-range shooters who demand superb accuracy and total reliability. Those are very high expectations of any rifle, but the CZ has the goods to meet the needs of even the most demanding of shooters in a portable, maneuverable package.
  • CZ’s Urban Counter Sniper Rifle

        COUNTER SERVICE CZ’s Urban Counter Sniper Rifle Combines Outstanding Accuracy with Compact Size. Story & Photos by Brad Fitzgerald   Ceska Zbrojovka. The latest winner of America’s Top Model? Not quite. If you’re a firearms aficionado, the name … Continue reading »