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  • Flashback Friday-August 1963

    50 Years Ago (August 1963) – Gun World helped launch the American Reloaders Association, dedicated to, among other things, “the advancement of ballistic research and development.” The ARA monthly bulletins, edited by GW’s Dan Cotterman, and with frequent contributions by … Continue reading »

  • The 3G with its normal accessories, and a LaserMax Uni-Max laser that wound up on the DDM4. The Samson Quick Flip FFS is intentionally too far forwards for the sake of a slightly longer sight radius.
  • Practical Goes Tactical-Part II

    Part II in a two-part series. To read Part I, click here! Practical Goes Tactical A Step-by-Step Guide to Outfitting a Fighting AR that’s Fun to Shoot Leupold Mark AR Mod-1 The first thing I needed was a sight—like most … Continue reading »

  • A practical/tactical carbine needs to perform well at the range…but be adapted to your real-world needs.
  • Practical Goes Tactical – Part I

    Practical Goes Tactical A Step-by-Step Guide to Outfitting a Fighting AR that’s Fun to Shoot by Dave Norman I looked at the mountain of unpacked boxes, and then to the fully accessorized rifle ideally suited to my needs: a practical/tactical … Continue reading »

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  • Flashback Friday: September 1988

      25 Years Ago (September 1988) –Gun World columnist Chuck Karwin visited the Republic of South Africa (RSA) to test an A-Square Hannibal rifle using .416 Rigby cartridges, and had this to say: “I was surprised that practically all hunting … Continue reading »

  • Weighing just 6 ¾ pounds, the new Weatherby Back Country rifle sports a fluted 24-inch barrel that lets you maximize bullet velocity. For testing, the author mounted a Leupold VX-3 3.5-10 X 40 mm scope in a set of Tallley lightweight one-piece base and rings.
  • The Bearable Lightness of Weatherby-Part I

    First in a two-part series. To read Part II, click here! The Bearable Lightness of Weatherby The All-New Back Country Rifle is an Accurate, Lightweight Tack Driver             Lightweight rifles have been all the rage lately, at least in the … Continue reading »