Flash Back Friday-Gun Legislation and Velcro

Gun Legislation and Velcro- featured in the “Back Pages” of our June 2013 issue. We feature a small piece of Gun World Magazine history in every issue and now on every Friday via our website! Enjoy!


Gun Legislation and Velcro

In his June 1993 cover story “Big Thunder,” Paul Hantke (now a consulting editor on World of Firepower) wrote of the trials and tribulations of the USAS-12 Combat Shotgun: “(production was stopped temporarily) because it was one of the firearms listed on the import ban legislation enacted in response to an inaccurate, but effective publicity campaign by anti-gun forces…”

Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future.” That’s a lot of wisdom from a man who didn’t have more than 50 years of Gun World back-issues at his disposal. In this column, we’ll turn back the pages of a half-decade of gun history to reveal a variety of “new” product releases, industry trends and topical news. Enjoy!

45 Years Ago (June 1968)

In “New Look in Law Leather,” writer Art Wesley discussed challenges faced by officers packing “several pounds of gear.” Neale Perkins, a maker of holsters and belts, had a unique solution to help reduce the weight: “In looking for a suitable replacement for the heavy metal buckle, Perkins turned up a material called Velcro…Tests indicate that the Velcro system offers more than ample longevity for nearly any application.”

40 Years Ago (June 1973)

In his regular “Mann Says” column, E. B. Mann wrote of pending anti-gun legislation in the U. S. Senate, including proposed bills which “…would require registration of all handguns, licensing of all handgun owners, and Treasury Department authority to decide what handguns can be manufactured (S-708)…(and S-474), which would ban all handgun ownership except by law enforcement, military personnel and certain shooting clubs approved by the enforcement agency.”

25 Years Ago (June 1988)

Gun World’s Assistant Managing Editor Wiley Clapp who recently had a second gun named after him—the first being a Colt Single Action Revolver and the second a full-size enhanced special edition Colt .45—contributed two articles: one on the Calico M-900 pistol “The reality of the Calico M-900 is awesome, even by today’s high-tech, high-capacity standards,” and one on Federal’s 9mm Luger Match ammo “I am impressed with its statistical consistency, factional reliability and superlative accuracy.”

10 Years Ago (June 2003)

Long-time Gun World editor Jan Libourel launched a new series, “Choosing a Defense Gun,” and current contributors Jerry Catania, D. K. Pridgen, Paul Hantke, Leroy Thompson, Buck Pope and Richard Folsland each provided an article or column.

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