Flashback Friday-July 1983

Gun World Magazine Cover


30 Years Ago (July 1983)- Competitive skeet and trap shooter Robert Furst extolled the health benefits of shooting sports in “Reload for Youth – Not Age!” Since the author was still breaking 21-24 skeet birds per round at 82 years young, his words made for a convincing argument. In addition to the exercise he received walking and lifting his gun time and again, Furst also enjoyed the rejuvenating benefits of reloading. “It involves detailed, precise bench work which is good for you,” he wrote. “It can be done at night or in bad weather as well as daytime. The procedure keeps you alert.” Sounds as if he and current GW reloading columnist Jim House (whose “Reloading 101” feature begins on page 24 of this issue), would have gotten along just fine.

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