Flashback Friday-September 1963

As seen in our “Back Pages” column by Craig Hodgkins in our September 2013 issue.

Legends and the Fall


Flashback Friday September 1963

The September 1963 issue featured a special presentation Winchester Model 101 12-guage O/U shotgun on the cover.

Each month, I go back to school simply by opening some back issues, and this time around I learned from some legends. I’m fascinated by connections between the past and the present, and often benefit from reading discussions (such as preserve hunting and wildlife conservation) which have endured for decades. So, as you prep your gear in anticipation of the fall season, I hope you’ll profit from these hunting-themed excerpts. Enjoy!


50 Years Ago (September 1963) – In a “how to” primer on short-range deer hunting, Bowhunting legend Doug Kittredge offered words of wisdom to hunters of the gun toting variety. Written the year he moved his soon-to-be legendary archery supply business from Pasadena, California to Mammoth, he quickly gets down to basics: “To know where the deer are is knowledge many hunters leave to luck. It’s surprising, but at least half of the less experienced riflemen hunt areas where there are no deer. They choose their hunting area because it appeals to them, rather than because it appeals to deer.”


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