Flashback Friday- September 1973

Gun World Magazine Cover

Ruger’s “new” Mini-14 in .223, designed for the law enforcement market, graced our cover in September 1973.

40 Years Ago (September 1973) – Mike Dickerson wasn’t the first Gun World writer to head to the Lone Star State for an exotic safari (see page__ of this issue). In 1973, Jack Lewis traveled to the famed YO Ranch near Mountain Home, Texas in search of a Corsican Ram. Guided by a man with the marvelous moniker of Button Forehand, Lewis took his trophy with a Colt-Sauer .30/06. He was also positively prescient when discussing the future of hunting preserves. “With more and more acres being gobbled up for houses, other types of recreation and the pressures of a growing population, there are those  who feel that preserve hunting on private land such as this may ultimately become the norm rather than the unusual.”

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