Gun Photos

Taurus Model 651 Protector
Shrouded cockable hammer; Titanium frame; available stainless steel
Dog Day Afternoon
A couple of outdoor writers sight in their S&W and TC rifles as Matt Porter, of Blue Heron Communications (left), mans the spotting scope.
Chiappa Rhino
Additional barrel length and grip option; electroless nickel finish optional; .40 S&W models
The Goddess
There are plenty of birds in the Devils, but getting to them can be tough. The 5-pound Dea is the perfect gun for such a hunt. (Photo by Ben Gettinger)
Smith & Wesson Ladysmith
Standard with fitted carry/storage case
Charter Arms Mag Pug Blue Standard
Target model with 4-inch barrel and adjustable rear sight also available
Protecting Home Base
The short-barreled (18- to 18.5-inch) 12-gauge pump shottie, such as this Mossberg Model 500 Thunder Ranch Edition, is perhaps the most effective and reliable tool for defending the homestead. (Photo by
Ruger LCR
Available with Crimson Trace LaserGrips
Ask the Experts
A U.S. Marine fires an M4 with a Trijicon RCO (Rifle Combat Optic).

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