Gun Photos

Breakin's the Mold
In the field, the 1029S is very convenient to use as a result of its lighter weight and excellent stock configuration.
Spot On
Aimpoint'snew Patrol Rifle Optic offers fast and precise target acquisition Photo by Dr. Martin D. Topper
Intensive Live Fire
The Mossberg 590A1 used by the author had an ATI Strikeforce stock and Talon forend. The stock controlled recoil very well, and the hand strap on the forend provided a sure grip for rapidly cycling the action. Photo by Dr. Martin D. Topper
A Sane AR for Insane Times
The author wanted to create the perfect AR for his “real world of work and play,” starting with a gas-piston-driven Stag Arms Model 8. It is shown on a Wilderness Premium rifle bag. Photo by Dave Spaulding
Tale of Two Systems
The direct-impingement Del-Ton quad rail AR with the Trijicon RCO at 4x magnification allows for accurate engagement out to 500 yards. Photo by Leroy Thompson

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