Four Knives From Spyderco, the Avid Gun Tool and the STUL Takedown Assist for Glock Pistols for Your Tactical Arsenal


Guns and KnivesI recently received a neat tool, aptly named the Gun Tool, from the good folks at Black Hills Ammunition. It’s advertised for rifles and shotguns, but I recognized it also had potential for other applications. After a little experimentation, I found it also can be used on Glocks and 1911s.

The Gun Tool’s comfortable-fitting handle is made of polymer and stainless steel and contains quite a few handy tools. The end of the handle has a bit block to hold one of the included magnetic screwdriver blades. It also contains a choke wrench that doubles as a scope-adjustment wrench, along with two hex drivers, three Torx drivers and one claw-point blade.

The Gun Tool provides a pin punch that works on Glocks, 1911s and, of course, rifles such as ARs. This is something that should ride in your range bag!


Having brought to the novel GTUL to Glock users, the folks at GTUL Inc. have now introduced the STUL slide-release tool. A simple, U-shaped piece of yellow polymer grabs the Glock slide lock—standard or extended—to make it easier to pull it down and slip the slide off.

A bit skeptical at first, I located a first-model G27 with a standard slide release and pulled it down by hand. It was fairly difficult and was made no easier by the fact that the slide had not been off in several years. I then slipped the STUL in place, pinched to grasp the slide release, and it slid down quite a bit easier.

If you have any trouble consistently and easily pulling the slide release down, you really need one of these simple, yet effective, devices.



One of the things I enjoy most about the SHOT Show is seeing Spyderco’s Joyce Laituri. The reason is two-fold: First, I can get off my tired feet, visiting with someone who is a delight to work with. Second, she shows me all the new items from the innovative company that begat one-hand-opening tactical knives with clothing clips.


Four of those knives are here now, each fitting my hand and applications differently. The Yojimbo2, designed by martial artist Michael Janich, is built to be the most efficient defensive cutter around. The CPM-S30V hollow-ground 3¼-inch Wharncliffe blade, wearing the Spyderco Round Hole, provides power the length of the edge, including the strong tip.

The ergonomic design of the textured G-10 scales is comfortable and perfect for performance and control. It works great with the thumb-forward grip Janich had in mind when he designed it. There are stainless steel liners for strength that work with the compression lock, and the clothing clip fits in four positions. I like this knife a lot.

NOTE: This story is excerpted from a recent issue of Gun World magazine.

By D. K. Pridgen


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