Is a Gaming Gun Right for Your Arsenal?

It’s a long, twisting path to get from wanting a sport utility rifle—one polite term for AR15-pattern arms—to arriving at the exact make, model, and configuration that serves your specific needs. Along the way you’ll find a particular model to serve as a starting point…and where you go from there is as specific to you as your fingerprints.

competition gun

Factory-standard upgrades including the Magpul grip and stock make the 3G a great starting point for building a competition gun.

The Stag Arms 3G is designed to offer shooters a particular starting point that combines many of the best features of a competition-ready rifle, without getting so purpose-specific that it limits its utility. Stag seemed to walk the fine line with the 3G between factory-custom defensive gun and tourney gun, and I wanted to see just how well it could work in both worlds.


I really enjoy practical shooting matches that require me to shoot lots of rounds at various targets across many distances, scored for time and accuracy…but I can’t afford a wacky race gun and a defensive AR. Thus, I like ARs that can stand by at home to repel coyotes and intruders alike, then come that once a month match, ride out to the range to out-shoot my friends. Those duties—competition and defense—are pretty far removed from each other, but the 3G looked like it could do both…so I put it to the test.



Stag proudly builds mil-spec AR pattern rifles, and is known for offering left handed models for very little more money than standard configuration rifles. They generally employ 5.56mm NATO-chambered barrels, and offer the usual barrel lengths and choice of mil-spec or aftermarket furniture. Everyone makes base-model AR-pattern rifles…


…so Stag jazzed up their 3G to make something that would really stand out—a rifle to cross over well from gaming to real world work.


They worked with Jesse Tischsauser and Kalani Laker, who know a few things about ARs, and have made names for themselves in three televised gun matches. Then they looked at the peculiar needs a practical shooting rifle must meet. The more accessories you include and specialized parts you use, the narrower becomes its utility…so they set out to establish a competition-ready base model gun that comes standard with the sorts of upgrades it would receive later anyway, but without going so far as to pigeonhole the 3G as a one trick pony.


What they came up with is a rifle that can qualify in just about any USPSA/IPSC, IDPA, or related tactical competition (if you watch what you add to it).


Stay tuned for more details about the design and accuracy of the Stag 3G!


Story & Photos by Dave Norman


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