Name Recognition

Name Recognition
 By Craig Hodgkins, Editor

Brownells. INC

Reproduced from the October 1973 issue of Gun World.

“A good name,” wrote King Solomon, “is more desirable than great riches.”

Smart companies know the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

My son is a Los Angeles Clippers fan, and my oldest daughter attends USC, so I find myself in downtown LA frequently these days. Recently, I trekked a few blocks southeast from the Staples Center in search of 1220 South Grand Avenue, once a mecca for anyone seeking high quality firearms, unparalleled gunsmithing and innovative products.

For decades, it was the street address of the Pachmayr Gun Works.

Today, it’s a parking lot.

And yet, even though Frank Pachmayr sold his firm more than 30 years ago, the sweat equity he and his employees invested in his namesake company continues to pay dividends, long after they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. The Lyman Corporation, which purchased Pachmayr from another group in 1996, still offers Frank’s revolutionary recoil pads, sling swivels and handgun grips, and these continue to make shooting more comfortable, convenient and accurate for new generations of enthusiasts.

And with the wisdom of Solomon, Lyman markets Pachmayr products as “America’s most trusted name…”

A good name can outlast bricks and mortar, but it can’t be developed overnight.

While paging through Gun World’s Oct. 1973 issue recently, I read a feature on Brownells Inc., and their new facility in Montezuma, Iowa. Like Pachmayr, the Brownell name has become synonymous with quality, and every gunsmith I’ve spoken with has them on virtual speed dial. It’s no wonder they continue to burst at the operational seams as they approach their 75th year in business.

In one 1973 photo (reproduced here), founder Bob Brownell and his son Frank pose outside headquarters. Today, their website features a photo of Frank, now Chairman, and his son, Pete, the current CEO, breaking ground on their newest warehouse and office facility in nearby Grinnell, Iowa. But unlike Pachmayr’s in LA, the headquarters will remain in the same Montezuma building they expanded back in 1973.

It seems that a good name is desirable, whether it hangs outside a certain building or not.

But I wonder… since I can’t walk wide-eyed through Pachmayr’s retail store in downtown LA, is the walk-up window at Brownells headquarters still open?


As seen in our October 2013 issue.

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