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  • Building a 5-Caliber Super Glock

    A Glock for All Seasons Story & Photos By Paul Hantke I’m not a Glock guy. But when a custom 1911 project introduced me to the 9×25 Dillon cartridge, and I found that Lone Wolf could bring that caliber into … Continue reading »

  • Shotgun gauge is not based directly on a straightforward measurement across the bore, but rather on hold many lead balls measuring the diameter of the bore makes up 1-pound in weight.
  • Ask the Experts-Gauging Shotguns

    We do the research so you don’t have to… Thomas C. Tabor is Gun World’s resident hunting columnist, and routinely goes afield in pursuit of small birds, large game and good stories. GAUGING SHOTGUNS Reader Question: I don’t understand how … Continue reading »

  • Combat swimmer units found the MP5 very effective in the Maritime Anti-Terrorism role.  Shown is a member of FORMOZA, the Polish Naval Special Forces unit. This operator’s MP5 has collapsible stock, EOTech optical sight and an undergun white light illuminator. (Marynarka Wojenna)
  • Discover the History of the Submachine Gun

    Automatic Success: A Tactical Employment History of the Submachine Gun by Leroy Thompson Ever since German Storm Troopers first deployed the Bergmann MP-18 for trench raiding in the waning days of World War I, the submachine gun (SMG) has continued … Continue reading »

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