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  • Tactical Accuracy: The Art of Not Missing

    Accuracy in our shooting context means the ability of a shooter and their firearm to work in harmony to hit exactly what they’re aiming at. I’ve heard “tactical accuracy” defined as the ability to hit an attacker-sized target in a … Continue reading »

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  • Scattergun Coyotes

    Tips and Tactics add Excitement and Results to the Hunt My interest in hunting coyotes with a shotgun was given a significant boost when I attended the annual Varmint Hunters Association Jamboree in Pierre, South Dakota, and had the opportunity … Continue reading »

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  • Turkey hunting

    When turkey hunting began to reestablish itself as a popular sport, the hunting gear manufacturers rose to the occasion with all sorts of unique and fancy things to entice hunters. But while many of these items would be nice to … Continue reading »

  • Stay in the fight with a tactical laser, even when you're flat on your back and can't use the sights.
  • A Fighting Chance

    Crimson Trace Laserguards Keep You in the Fight … and Why You Should Consider One   I watched the quivering red dot bounce across the bowling pin, then the backstop, then back on the bowling pin. I pulled the trigger, … Continue reading »