Aimpoint’s new Patrol Rifle Optic offers fast and precise target acquisition

Story and photos by Dr. Martin D. Topper


Gun WorldIn order to satisfy the three major criteria for law enforcement, an optic must be rugged, fast and precise.

Having worked in law enforcement, I can testify that equipment issued to the field takes a real beating. When the balloon goes up, an officer’s first concern is to stay on top of the action. If a sight accidently strikes an obstacle, it must survive the blow and hold its zero. That’s why iron sights for tactical guns often have protective steel “ears.”

Second, a sight used on patrol also has to be both fast and precise. Most shots taken by law enforcement officers are well within 50 yards, but it’s not out of the question for a policeman or special agent to encounter a threat at distances beyond 100 yards. At longer distances, an optic with a 4 minute of angle (MOA) dot does not provide a sufficiently precise aiming point to ensure the bullet will hit its mark.

When you add in the effects of wind and the fact that most patrol rifles shoot groups that are 2 to 3 inches, you can’t shoot very precisely with a dot that’s much bigger than 2 MOA. On the other hand, the dot can’t be so small that it’s difficult to pick up against the target. A 1 MOA dot can easily get lost at CQB distances, unless there are other parts of the reticle that frame close-in targets.

Last, but not least, a law enforcement optic has to ha

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