Invaluable Tips for Summer Concealment


Summer Carry Pistols

I promised to tell you what I carry. I do not live in a bad area, nor do I look as if I would be easy to take down. And I am not being stalked by gangs or other evil forces.

However, I am happily paranoid enough to believe I should be carrying 24/7, but living in a climate that is terribly benign disallows carrying larger guns that require serious clothing considerations for concealment. If I wish, I can always wear a lightweight jacket or a concealed-carry vest or shirt (the latter large enough for a Cub Scout to use as a tent on a campout). To me, this just serves to make it obvious that I am carrying a gun. So, I usually carry a Seecamp .32 or a Guardian .380 with Crimson Trace Lasergrips in a pocket holster that is no longer manufactured.

If I am desperate enough to carry something larger, I can carry something the size of a Detonics CombatMaster or a PPK tucked into my trouser band, along with an inside waistband holster and covered by a normal shirt worn outside the pants. Or, if I must be a little dressier, I can skip the holster or go to one of the specialized holsters designed to be worn under the trouser waistband with nothing showing outside. I can also carry a J-frame Smith & Wesson-size gun, a Walther PP series or similar-sized gun in an ankle rig. My favorite ankle rig for a J frame is Galco’s Ankle Glove.

A .45 automatic full size or an automatic of similar proportions, but with a single-column magazine, can be worn holsterless under the shirt, belted in tightly and with the chamber empty, of course.

Beyond that, you will have to rely on your dazzling, white smile or hope that anyone with evil intent has seen pictures of you with your shirt off and is duly intimidated. So, when it is warmer, either stick to firearms of an appropriate size” or make sure those muscles are rippling.


NOTE: This story was excerpted from a recent issue of Gun World.


By Jerry Ahern

Photos by Sharon Ahern


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