Tactical Gear: Clear Action Magazines

Command Arms Accessories (CAA) seems to be holding the line against the crush of magazine orders, but with little in stock and most units shipping out immediately. They are producing as much as they can to attempt to meet demand, though.

Clear Action Magazines

Clear windows on both sides of Mako’s Mag 17 Clear Action Magazines are marked at 8, 15, 20, 25, and 28 rounds. Magazines arrived with pliable polymer dust covers.


I received samples of their AR compatible polymer Mag 17 Clear Action Magazine, wearing pliable polymer dust covers. (At press time they showed a 60 day minimum backlog.) The clear windows on both sides of the magazine are marked at 8, 15, 20, 25, and 28 rounds. Keeping track of how many rounds are left is as easy as glancing at the window for the white indicator. (Actual round location in the window means nothing.)

Disassembly is as simple as depressing a tab in the base plate and sliding it off. Inside I found stainless steel springs, anti-tilt followers, and really smooth, tapered interiors. I loaded each magazine with 30 rounds and found the process smooth and not difficult. I fired them dry with no problems. Magazines inserted solidly, locking in place, and dropped free as they should.

The Mag 17 Clear Action Magazines seemed to be top-notch kit.  Order some while you can…then sit back and wait like everyone else!

Clear Action Magazines

Disassembly is simple with Mako’s Mag 17 Clear Action Magazines. Depress a tab in the baseplate and slide it off. Inside are stainless steel springs, anti-tilt followers, and really smooth tapered interiors.


 Mag Level Indicator Button?

The Clear Action Magazines have a clever little white full magazine indicator on the bottom that pops out when 30 all rounds are inserted…unless you change it to protrude at 29 rounds via the optional adapter. You can tell at a glance, or with your finger in the dark, that the magazine is full (or filled to 29 rounds).

I’d like to see the Clear Action Magazine arrive with an indicator long enough to protrude at 28 rounds, too—most professionals who work with ARs load only 28 rounds, to ease insertion on closed bolts.

Story & Photos by D.K. Pridgen

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