• GW-1311-HOLSTERS-11
  • The Holster

      DRAWING ON EXPERIENCE The Holster, Though Often Overlooked, is Critically Important for Speed and Security Story & Photos by Chuck Taylor   In the world of tactical handgunning, there is no shortage of opinions. Gun type and size, caliber, … Continue reading »

  • Specs
  • The Stag Arms 3G: Design & Specs

    In a recent post, we helped you decide if a gaming gun was right for your arsenal. Now take a closer look at the design and specifications of the Stag Arms 3G!   DESIGN The 3G utilizes a rifle-length direct … Continue reading »


    Top 10 tactical toys for your 12 gauge Story and photo by John N. Raguso The 12-gauge shotgun in its many forms is arguably the most universal home defense and short-range tactical weapon in the American arsenal for the simple … Continue reading »

  • The DPM is well designed for firing prone. Note the sturdier bipod, which was one of the improvements in the DPM over the DP-28.
  • The Semi-Auto DPM Light Machine Gun

    Century Arms’ semi-auto DPM light machine gun is a blast from the past By Leroy Thompson The light machine gun is a compromise weapon designed to give a small infantry unit more sustained firepower than a rifle. Particularly in the … Continue reading »