The Ruger Twist-Part II

Part II in a two-part series on the Ruger’s 10/22 Rifle! To read Part I, click here!

The Ruger Twist

The 1022-TD is a Whole New Take(down) on the Popular Autoloading .22 Rimfire Carbine.

The 10/22-TD

The 10/22-TD is ready for action at the range, outfitted with a Midwest Industries Picatinny rail and a Meopta MeoPro 3-9×42 variable power scope.

The Ultimate Portable Package

What good is having a carbine that breaks down into pieces if there’s no convenient way to transport it and put it all back together when it’s time for a sudden or unplanned appearance? The Ruger folks have your back on this one, offering a very portable and “almost” innocuous (the attractive embroidered Ruger red dragon logo on the top front pocket is a dead giveaway on what lurks inside) ballistic nylon black canvas travel case as a standard accessory with every 10/22-TD.

This heavy duty bag is well-built to survive years of adventures, measuring 22 inches in height by 9 inches in width by 5.5-inches deep, with two zippered external pockets adorned with MOLLE webbing for spare mags, a brick or two of 22-cal ammo, plus some hearing and eye protection. Inside, there are a trio of dedicated storage areas with Velcro pocket flaps for the stock/receiver, the barrel/forend and a removable scope. To show you the depth of the Ruger engineering department’s thinking on this excellent travel bag, you can lay it down on its flat side and use the pack as a makeshift rifle rest by placing the forend in the indented space between the two external pockets…brilliant!

Multiple attachment points for the padded, single shoulder strap offer three different carrying options, but no matter what your preference, the entire package should weigh less than 10 pounds, depending on what you store inside in the form of spare mags and ammo. Bottom line, it’s not going to put an undue strain on your physiology, even if you’re hiking up a mountainside.

Looking past its basic mission operations specialty as a portable plinker, target and small game carbine, is the Ruger 10/22-TD the ultimate end-of-days survival gun? Well, you could do worse…the all-weather capability and accuracy of its hammer-forged stainless steel barrel will insure that she works in any weather or climate, while putting the rounds exactly where you aim them. The portability factor is off the charts, as is the reliability of Ruger’s proven 10/22 autoloading operating system. Plus with a half-dozen pre-loaded mags and a few bricks of 22-cal ammo, you could reach out and touch a regiment of zombies using simple optics before they even knew you were in the neighborhood. Couple these attributes with the modest $399 MSRP and it’s hard to think of something that could top the Ruger 10/22-TD as the ultimate “portable survival tool.”

load and accuracy data

EDITOR’S NOTE: As we were going to press (August 2013), Ruger introduced a new model takedown, the 10/22-TDT, which features a shorter 16.62-inch blued alloy steel barrel, with a cool threaded flash suppressor that’s right off an SR-556 rifle. MSRP on this is $419. All other takedown features on this newbie are the same, but with a blued aluminum receiver, versus the silver matte finish found on the original K10/22-TD.

Photos and Story by John N. Raguso

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