The Tactical Stake Target

My least favorite thing about shooting rifles is walking 100, 200, or 300 yards several times to change paper targets or to reset steel targets. The best option, in my mind, has always been an automatically resetting steel target. You get the feedback of hitting steel and seeing the splash from the hit and it pops back up each time!

Tactical Stake Target

The TST (Tango) isn’t a simple stationary target, prone to all the abuse they suffer because of their inability to dissipate the bullet impact’s force (except by warping and shedding steel as the bullets make craters). The idea driving the TST is maximum lifetime and minimal system maintenance. To accomplish this, the TST hangs from an included stake with a piece of heavy chain (also included), allowing the target to move under bullet impact, reducing damage. Additionally, the target hangs at a forward angle driving bullet splatter into the ground and reducing the effect of the impact.

Finally, the TST and stakes are built of AR500 armor plate for long-term durability. If the target’s front ever becomes too pocked, the bolts holding the frame to the target can be removed and the back can become the new front.

The bane of steel targets is toting them from place to place. Because the TST system is in three parts (target, stake, and chain) it is simple to move. The stake and included weighted stake driver are easily held with one hand and arm and the target, weighing 36 pounds, can be held in the other arm. Reach a new location, drive the stake into the ground, hang the target, and start shooting!

Most common rifle calibers can be fired on the TST, but none above the .338 Lapua, and don’t use armor piercing rounds or shotgun slugs. From experience I can say that a 5.56 AR rings the heck out of the TST…and all I have to do is shoot—no resetting! Now that’s fun!

Story & Photos by D.K. Pridgen

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