An Inside Look at Cor-Bon’s L. E. Training Center, which offers advanced training for law-enforcement officers—and civilians, as well

Story and photos by Richard Folsland


shooting training


The entire purpose was to prepare students for real-world violent confrontations, and I couldn’t wait to participate in the two-day course called Fighting Pistol.

Hosted by Tactical Response, the course—which was being held at the Cor-Bon Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETC), a facility that provides advanced training for law-enforcement officers and several training courses for civilians—covered a myriad of topics, including the role of the handgun in the legal use of deadly force, as well as proper mental conditioning for combat scenarios.

James Yeager, Tactical’s CEO, was the course instructor, and his credentials are most impressive. Not only has he been involved with training both law enforcement officers and members of the military, he is a certified trainer in many categories, including firearms, chemical weapons, tactical knife and less-lethal munitions. I knew, without a doubt, that we were going to get the finest instruction available.


While 60 percent of the Fighting Pistol course is spent shooting, 40 percent is spent on lectures that cover mindset, tactics and legal issues. During live-fire drills, students learn how to shoot on the move, use cover/concealment and use both strong- and weak-hand-only techniques. The Fighting Pistol course is very intensive and prepares students for real-world violent confrontations.

The author has the S&W M&P9L back on target quickly, with a spent shell in the air, during the Fighting Pistol course at the Cor-Bon Law Enforcement Training Center.

NOTE: This excerpt ran in a recent issue of Gun World magazine.



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