Free Birds

When I’m asked, as I often am, which hunt in North America has been the most challenging for me, I don’t give the response most people expect. Perhaps those who ask the question anticipate my response to be that I found a high-mountain elk hunt to be the toughest or maybe some long trek through t...

Going Feral

Four of us stood in the thin pine trees bordering a rice field in east Texas under the cover of darkness. The world filtered to our eyes in shades of green through our night vision goggles, and all around our heads, swarms of mosquitoes buzzed in great, moving halos. We were on the hunt, so no one w...

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Kit Up! February Edition

1. Milwaukee Tool Rover OUTPUT: TrueView HD, 445 lumens (two hours); 100 lumens (11 hours) POWER: RedLithium USB battery—USB rechargeable or swapped out f...

Train Hard: Worst Case Scenarios

Carrying a gun is like buying insurance: You have it, hoping you never have to use it. In most cases, this is true. The vast majority of the more-than-16 mil...

Cartridge History: 7.62x25mm Tokarev

In the wake of World War I, the new Soviet Union was brutally putting down opposition from reactionary forces. Executing peasants was hard work, and the Soviets...

5 Gifts for Gun Lovers

Christmas is coming—time to buy a gift for those people in your life whose love of shiny, black guns is ranked somewhere near their love for you. Improve your r...

First Aid on the Range: Are You Prepared?

While perusing Facebook almost any day of the week, I find postings of shooters practicing at a range, competing in a match or just plinking in their own backya...

The New FN509: Duty Carry Excellence

After several years of planning, requests, delays and testing, the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition is finally over. Several firearms manufacturers parti...