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.22 LR Subsonic: Not Just for Suppressors

The shooting world is all agog over suppressors. Which is good. Even if you don’t own a suppressor, we all benefit from the R&D poured into subsonic ammunit...

Sig Sauer Ammunition Factory Tour

I had the good fortune to travel to Jacksonville, Arkansas, in early 2017 to visit SIG Sauer’s new ammunition factory. SIG Sauer had been producing ammunition f...

9mm and Bullseye: The Magical Load

My 9mm update came in the 1990s. I had first tried to reload the 9mm Parabellum in the mid-1970s. In 21st-century parlance, “the technology wasn’t mature.” ...

Cartridge History: 7.62x25mm Tokarev

In the wake of World War I, the new Soviet Union was brutally putting down opposition from reactionary forces. Executing peasants was hard work, and the Soviets...

Crisis Currency: Ammo

I am not an alarmist. I don’t believe in pandering to people’s fears in order to sell magazines. I just like to be prepared. The time to prepare for an emergenc...

Loading the Versatile 10MM Auto

Progress in various areas of technology is often the result of attempts to solve a real or perceived problem. This has led to the development of numerous cartri...

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