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Brad Fitzpatrick

Shotguns and Rifles for Young Hunters

It’s no secret that passing down our hunting legacy to the next generation is a critical factor in preserving the sport we love. Some of my best memories are of...

In Praise of the .22 LR

When I was 7 years old, I shot my first .22 LR, and a year later, I was given my own .22 rifle. I suppose “given” isn’t exactly correct—my father kept the gun u...

New Hunting Rifles for 2018

If this is the year you’ve decided to upgrade your hunting battery to include a brand-new hunting rifle, you’re in luck. There’s a laundry list of new guns for ...

Elk Fever: Bringing Down Big Game

Just before dawn, I crested the top of a ridge in New Mexico’s Gila National Forest and knelt down beneath the branches of a fir tree to glass for elk. Thin...

E-Hunter: 5 Apps to Upgrade your Hunt

Consider that the first generation of Americans to grow up in an era of pervasive cell phone use and widespread Wi-Fi access is now reaching adulthood. The ...

Timber Guns: Big Boomers for Big Game

In 2014, the state of Ohio surprised resident hunters by adding certain centerfire rifles to the list of legal firearms for deer hunting. Scout rifles are ...

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