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Too Close for Comfort: Are you prepared?

During a recent conversation, the topic of personal defensive space came up. Invariably, the subject on this includes what many call the “21-foot rule,” or, mor...

Ladies Only: Women’s Shooting Groups

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with some female shooting groups and participate in various women-only events around the count...

Developing A Self-Defense Mindset

Some consider firearms training to only involve heading to the range for shooting drills or maybe even dry-practicing at home. Other people focus on situational...

EDC: Rethinking the Speed Reload

You don’t want to be out there running on empty. You’ve practiced your speed reloads, and you’re fast at them. You are impressive. But in preparing for real-wor...

Firearm Legal Knowledge 101

There seems to be a great amount of national debate these days about whether guns save lives or only take them. There also seems to be a great deal of misinform...

The Finer Things: Femininity and Guns

Let’s face it: Guys who go to the range don’t worry about their fingernails breaking or their faces developing a sun glasses tan that makes them look as if they...

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