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Fighting ‘Hawks: 5 Tactical Tomahawks

Tomahawks are as American as AR15s and the Stars and Stripes. Created by the Algonquian Indians by lashing a stone to a wood handle using strips of rawhide, it ...

SIG’s Echo1 Thermal Revolution

I’m straining a bit not to call the SIG ECHO1 thermal reflex sight “revolutionary,” but there is that conversation. PRICE, STYLE, SIZE, WEIGHT AND USE The EC...

MEOPTA MeoRed: The Czech Micro Red-Dot

By now, most of us have at least heard of Meopta. It’s no secret that this company has been designing and manufacturing optical products in the Czech Republic s...

Kit Up! April 2018

1. Zippo Axesaw MAKE: Zippo MODEL: Axesaw WEIGHT: 2.6 pounds MSRP: $80 This versatile tool combines a hatchet, bow saw and mallet into one rugge...

Kit Up! March 2018

Yeti Duffel Bag MAKE: Yeti MODEL: Panga Duffel MSRP: $300 (50); $350 (75); $400 (100) The Panga keeps with the Yeti design principle of making ...

MGM Targets: Banging Steel

Paper targets are great, but that can get boring after a while, even for the most dedicated shooter. Nothing is as fun as hitting steel targets, and few thin...

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