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Yeti Duffel Bag

MAKE: Yeti

MODEL: Panga Duffel

MSRP: $300 (50); $350 (75); $400 (100)

The Panga keeps with the Yeti design principle of making gear that’s practically bombproof. Think of it as a modern sea bag.

The Thickskin shell is made of laminated, high-density nylon that is ultra-tough and can withstand anything nature can throw at it. Yeti’s Hydrolok zipper is impenetrable to water and rugged, including the large, heavy-duty pull. The EVA molded bottom makes for a semi-rigid base to prevent wear.

We tested the 75, and the interior is cavernous. Two mesh pockets with zippers store valuables. The duffle has four handles and four straps with multiple attachment points. All are heavy duty and quadruple stitched to reinforced attachment points. It comes with two removable, heavy-duty, padded straps for carry on the back; or use one strap for shoulder carry like a duffle. We stashed some rolls of TP in it, zipped it and then submerged it underwater for 14 hours—the TP had not one spot of moisture. We then tossed it outside overnight in temps between -8 and -1 degrees (F).

Next, to test durability, we roughed it up (bending and crushing it) to see if we could make it crack, which didn’t even phase it. We opened and closed the zipper several times: It didn’t freeze up at all and worked perfectly. Because it’s watertight, it’s also airtight … think again if you’re going to use this duffle for sweaty gym gear.



D&H Tactical Handguard

MAKE: D&H Tactical

MODEL: Ultralight Free Float Handguard System

SIZES: 15-inch (7.3 ounces); 12-inch (5.1 ounces, tested). (The coupler assembly is an additional 7.3 ounces.)

OPTIONS: M-Lok or KeyMod; black (standard), FDE abrasion-resistant finish (optional) or more than 70 hydrographic patterns (optional)

MSRP: $200

Known for more than three decades for making excellent aluminum AR mags, D&H has now launched an equally excellent AR handguard. This lightweight handguard is made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and includes a three-piece, heavy-duty steel coupler assembly.

It’s not “drop-in,” but it’s pretty straightforward to install with the right tools. Remove your AR’s barrel nut, and install the included coupler. Simply screw on the tube and tighten. The patented indexing coupler allows the tube to be rotated 360 degrees and indexed into any position, thus allowing accessories to be located exactly where the user wants. Once the coupler is installed, tubes can be swapped out in under a minute. Ample ventilation slots make for good airflow to keep heat from building up. It’s perfect for those who like the weight of slim design handguards but prefer the larger tube.


XS Night Sight

MAKE: XS Sights

MODEL: F8 Night Sight

OPTIONS: Glock models; some models of SIG, Springfield, FN

MSRP: $142

The F8 Night Sight is designed and built for use in all lighting conditions, from bright light to low light. In bright light, a large, highcontrast orange ring on the front sight draws your eye to it for fast target acquisition as you line it up with the square-notch rear sight. The rear sight is angled to form a slight overhead to reduce glare in bright daylight and to provide a ledge for one-handed slide operation.

In low light, when the sights are charged, the orange ring is photo-luminescent and provides the same large aiming points as are used in bright light. When not charged, the front and rear sights both have tritium dots, so the sights are still visible for rapid target acquisition in all low-light conditions, regardless of whether it is charged. We tested two Glock models, and they are tall compared to OEM Glock sights; as a result, they do require some training to adjust muscle memory when bringing the gun up. Once we got used to it, we found the sights fast to acquire and tough as nails.


Patriot Products Sight Tool

MAKE: Patriot Products AZ, LLC

MODEL: Combat Sight Tool

SIZE: 13/8×3 inches

MSRP: $20

Made in the United States from 316 stainless steel, this tiny tool packs a lot of utility into a small package. It has a 3/8-inch/10mm box wrench, ½-inch open-face wrench, a punch (that doubles as an AR15 front sight tool), ¼-inch hex hole (for use as a T-handle wrench for a screwdriver/Hex/Torx bits), slotted screwdriver and a bottle opener. It works with just about every gun optic on the market, as well as most mounts. It fits in Magpul MOE and MIAD grips, BCM Gunfighter Grips and TangoDown BattleGrips.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the March 2018 print issue of Gun World Magazine.